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“Damn,” Suzanne thought as she recognized Colby. The kindly smile on Colby’s lips faded away, replaced by uncertainty in her blue eyes. Consciously or not, Colby took a scanty step aid away from the door.

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Butch didn’t leave my request. He swiftly lubed up his jellied erection and knelt between my legs. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up, locking my legs encompassing his waist. He slowly pushed inside me and I groaned at the sudden burst of pain. He remained still. I closed my eyes, willing myself to relax, and ran my hands up and down his box, resting them on his soft hips. I urged him to move as I pushed my hips back against him.
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“You exceptionally don’t separate?” He said. The grin was gone replaced by surprise.

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“They’re yet there, by the window. It’s deathly quiet in there.”
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