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“I’m lucky I didn’t have a meeting this morning.”

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That’s one thing I’ll on no occasion be about Alexander. He doesn’t normally talk a lot and when he does, conversations don’t last long. Not that that’s a bad obsession, if anything I hoped he would be undistinguished of like that. Since my prayers of him having a shitty personality didn’t control, he could at least be a quiet, charming hottie, but dorsum behind to what I wanted to say: Conceding that he may be quiet most of the time, when he talked he never raised his chance, never swore, and when he was to call me names it was always strange ones like “Grumpypants.” A few days ago when I had tripped over his books, he laughed and called me a “Clutzy-Cat” after saying sorry three times while I cursed out a explode, again.
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~ Let The Judges Select

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“Alexander, I’m trying to sleep.”
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“Will you amuse layover interfering with my work?”

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“Will you amuse layover interfering with my work?”
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