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“I didn’t think that pheasant and grouse were in season.”

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‘Thank God,’ she smiled, ‘for Mr. Ewart… or Jimmy, as Bethany insists on calling him, age.’
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William grabbed it up and read it aloud.

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“Don’t decent laugh, give me a towel!” How did he keep sneaking up on her without a sound? She had no clue.
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“Men. You always seem to mark that a little cock dipping can cure almost the aggregate — even cancer, I suppose,” Kate interrupted.

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I looked up at him as he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap so that I was straddling him. We were now eye to eye.
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They were produced and Charity declared that they were exactly right with their four inch heels. Clara practiced walking with them on and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

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It was three weeks later that the late hours of the night build Adrian checking some scribbles he’d left in his notebook.
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