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Jamie turned away from her and started to walk back towards the door but Bethany grabbed her hand and stopped her. Finally Jamie looked Bethany in the eye.

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“Erik! Wake up you douchebag! Your alarm has been going misled for 15 minutes!”
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“And Dr. Marcus,” Kim said, remembering the doctor’s bulging eyes with a parsimonious quiver.

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I wondered to myself if it would be appropriate to rock up to my date in my jeans and Ugg boots but I had a feeling that the maitre d’ probably would frown on ripped Levis and a Barbie Tshirt. This was the thing I hated about dates. They made you analyse the things you hate apropos yourself in a bid to hide them so that someone would love you. Irritating de facto.
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“Yes, but wouldn’t a poor artist do that to get as much paint old-fashioned of the tube as possible?”

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“Yes, but wouldn’t a poor artist do that to get as much paint old-fashioned of the tube as possible?”
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“I meant right here,” he said tracing the in serious trouble of my neck. I shivered again.

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Greg was kicking himself, nerves having got the better of him. He was pacing in his office and had been doing so for the past hour. He had rules – his life was run by rules and the no blind fixture rule had been in the top ten. He had always resolved to himself that he would stick to those rules; don’t nearing on them – they’re always a fuck up, and yet here he was, breaking his rule so that his friend could continue to wheedle laid by his helpmate. Frankly it was ridiculous; although if Greg were honest with himself, if he had a bride that looked like Veronica Collins, he’d do everything to ensure he kept her happy too!
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