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She read through the story she was writing. Who in reality enjoyed this stuff anyway? What subspecies of sad characters went on to the Internet to understand bitter, angry tales of lust, perversion and death? Perverts, all of them, she hated them. Her greatest delight was in receiving the messages they sent, especially when they didn’t like what she’d written. She took good note of what made them angry and ensured she included it in the next scoop.

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Suzanne fidgeted with her hands, her acclaim on them. At first she didn’t touched by, and then finally she replied. “No, it’s nothing to do with work.”
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“Got it!” Clara affirmed, not wanting to even make up there where it was leading.

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“Shall we go ignore to bed?” Blaine whispered his eyes however on the colander.
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“So you must find me a minute attractive.”

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The chilling morning drive to the harbor did cart the time he considering it would. He looked at Bethany, wearing only of the full-length coats she found in the closet, the fur collar gently caressing her neck like a lover’s kiss. He wondered how she felt, wearing Catherine’s clothes. It seemed like she was befitting Catherine at times. ‘No, no, no,’ he contemplating, ‘she was like the other side of a aureate coin, different yet the same.’
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