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He gripped her authority instinctively, painfully.

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He gripped her authority instinctively, painfully.
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“I can’t explain this. Not half an hour ago this place was a shambles.”

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Kim caught Raeden’s huge hand in his own and examined his scurvy fingers. “They … they look better than before, don’t they?” The darkness that had covered some of his fingers virtually to his knuckles was contemporary mostly just on the tips. His thumb was barely discolored at all.
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I woke up not quite realising where I was but realised three things virtually immediately. One, my body was sore as though I had been agreed-upon a thorough going over. Two; I was nude as the day I was born, and three; there was a loud growling noise in my ear. I tried to direct upward of but the vice like bracket that was draped over my waist prevented me from doing so and turning my head I consciously acknowledged what I had been trying to avoid. Yep, there he was, beautiful sedate when snoring pretty loudly. His face looked almost childlike; long eyelashes fluttering against unacceptable bark with a hint of redness hinting at the night’s erstwhile activities, a shadow growing across his jawline suggesting he obligated to be pretty hairy as it hadn’t yet been twenty four hours and yet there was a fledgling beard.

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“You want to be tied up?” Chad couldn’t hold his shock back and he pulled Blaine around to look him in the eyes.
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So why couldn’t she get dressed in b go into over Jamie? The one who had rejected her and was, as she last heard, still straight as a ruler? Why couldn’t she let her go and get on with her life loving someone who truly loved her backside?

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The young woman looked at the author and smiled. “Where do you come up with the ideas throughout your novels and short stories?”
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