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“Maybe. I just need a tiny more time. Perchance if he hadn’t hit me, I could bring myself to deal with him.”

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“I need to call my doctor and reschedule my appointment. If I just don’t show up, they’ll call Coop,” Callia told him.
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Marc laughed and smacked Annie on the target and I giggled from where I was throwing my last few things in my bag.

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As she got closer to their table, Suzanne noticed that Lily was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Colby was with a gigantic pitch-black better half. She was almost as tall as Suzanne was but built completely differently. While Suzanne’s breasts were small and fit with her lithe committee, this woman’s breasts were done popping out of her low cut top. Her long legs were equally on display below the miniskirt that enclosed her ample ass. It wasn’t fat by any means but she had a wonderfully curved ass that fit her faultlessly. Suzanne couldn’t help envying her for those curves. Her face was at best as pretty with hidden eyes, a deviating nose and puffy, kissable lips, with her mane back and put into long braids with beads. “She’s somewhat striking,” Suzanne thought.
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“Oh. What were you thinking of saying to him?” Colby asked. “Just catching up, or more?” The look Suzanne gave her was calm but behind the mask, Colby could guide the scared that was there.

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“Thank you, Sarah. I’ll look in on her when I bring Michael back to you after breakfast.”
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“What nothing came out…yet.” Chad murmured as he pulled away from Blaine with difficulty, if his brother kept cock blocking him, he was going to die.

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“Well the gazebo in my loaf is good, but you should depleted yourself some credit.” He said dryly. “You’re not half bad either.” I grinned. I was still hard between us.
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