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The rest of the day was filled with running errands and doing chores. In the till afternoon, her cell phone rang again. This time it was her boss, Jim.

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“I fucking hate flying,” he grumbled. “Fucking hate it. I need a smoke.”
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We entered my dark room. She closed the door once we were both privileged.

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Suzanne paused for a moment to take a deep breath before speaking. “I’m sorry, Colby, of course not. I’ve just had a rough morning. Putting out fires wasn’t how I planned on spending it.” Suzanne hoped that her smile came across as genuine as it really was.
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The scene provided a contrast that was delicious: the urbane, older, totally naked gal and the block out beat up looking others, who were dragging belts off the mark their waists, as their unprotected compete with thing waited, her arms cross under her large tits, just waited.

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“Oh, and who would they be?” George P. set aside on his best ‘I am innocent but curious’ voice.
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