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“No.” Gavin admitted, opening his eyes to look down into hers. What he saw there confirmed what she said. He only saw lust and friendship, not affection or love.

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“Don’t,” Lucas advised. “I be acquainted with exactly what you’re feeling and don’t. You did all you could or else I’d be devastating you right now,” he told him.
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“Yeah, and they’d done so much to her that she ended up dying of infection,” Claire added. She shook her head. “I still can’t allow you traded yourself proper for Melly. It was damn brave of you,” Claire told her friend.

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“Edward!” she said with a start. “How did you, that is . . .”
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He swallowed hard, willing himself not to be emotional. When she was walking up his driveway and giving him that outstanding smile, he had known that she was his. He had never been so felicitous in his life. And then it had been ripped away by a psychotic ex-girlfriend that apparently didn’t care about throwing her own life away.

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He hated being out of control. Bethany Rose was his salvation and would be his screw up, if he wasn’t careful.
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“I did until Chloe. The whole shebang changed when I met her. We were friends almost from the moment we met. And I fell for her not yearn after that, but I didn’t know what to do. I was too afraid to show my feelings,” Suzanne said, and then she smiled for the first continually since she started talking. It was a genuine but still forlorn grin as she thought back. “She told me her feelings first. Spirit, even then I could only tell her.”

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“The trial by implication of the Ananda Marga.”
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