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“If you’re using a transmitter Russell and I can vet if from next to the White Bay container terminal. That’s exactly throughout the bay from Pyrmont but close enough to receive transmissions from a moderate range transmitter.”

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“Umm, sure. No enigma,” Jillian answered. What else was she going to say?
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“Your brother is an awful person Greg! He used to date my mother! He did dreadful things to her and nearly killed me when I was a pet!” Callia exclaimed.

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Colby didn’t time away from blocking the door. “Suzanne, I simply met you so peradventure I’m reading things wrong, but I bet that you’ve said more to me than you’ve ever said to anyone. Since I have just met you, that worries me. Like I said before, if you still poverty to talk, I’ll pay attention to. I don’t like seeing someone who is undoubtedly in pain.”
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