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Clara was as good as her contract. She took time from work to go and look at Charity’s books. She swept into the office, pleated mini skirt swirling, large breasts pushing against a silk v neck shirt, wearing daring slut heels and told the smiling receptionist who she was and that she was here to help with the books.

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In the years that had passed since Jamie transferred to another approach, Bethany had come to arrange two things about her life; one was that she was definitely a lesbian. The other was that the barely girl she ever really loved was Jamie.
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A scattering moments of awkward quiet later, Aidan excused himself from the table. He wanted to find Lili but wasn’t align equalize sure if she was still here. His blood was on fire, watching her stand up…so angry, with her flushed cheeks and fire in her eyes. She was inviting when she was piqued, so he presumed the saying was true. Because he was incredibly turned on.

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Pouting, Tori moved off of him to liberate him take the call and watched as the emotions played across his face,
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