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As she felt the strands of Suzanne’s hair slip through her fingers, Colby sighed. It was neither a euphoric nor a sad mourn. It simply reflected the complexity of her situation. On top of everything else, there was the issue of working together. “I don’t care and I bet Jim wouldn’t, but Suzanne would. She is so buttoned down around things like that,” Colby thought. It would be easier if Colby didn’t love the job, but she did.

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“Yes, I be aware Jr. could have told us but it very likely would have been colored by his own teenage naivet√© and you needed to discover it from the horse’s mouth, as it were.”
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She was crying, he suddenly realized. “I just…I need to say it, Adrian. I need to cognizant of that you’re okay, and-“

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“I wouldn’t deem that, Suzanne. I’m in no position to judge anyone,” Colby said as she reached out and squeezed Suzanne’s forearm. “I hope you know I’m a soul mate.”
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