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“‘Of course, my Lord,’ I told him. I forewent the wish of reminding him that I had made the same representations over a year ago.”

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She smiled and took his hand. “I’m Desiree Snow.” She pulled him in close and kissed him passionately.
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“Are you okay Callie?” Laura asked softly.

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She could only nod her divert, words… there were no words. What could she possibly command to the man whose shattered pump lyric shattered at her feet.
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“Consider this our confarreation gift to you. It seems the least we can offer after all the assistance you have been to us over and above the form few days, not to intimate the pain and suffering that you deliver both endured. Neither of you will irritate any official recognition from your appreciative government, so this our way if saying thank you on their behalf.”

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“You’re like the Mum I never had.” Blaine sniffled and took a deep breath of the lavender soap Tina favored, tears seeping lazily from his eyes.
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