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“I about we’ll get some experts out to acquire a look to see if we can piece this together. It doesn’t seem possible for a car to roll over on this inflate of road.”

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“Colby, would you like to dance again?” Hattie asked, breaking into the conversation. It ground to an instant stop. Suzanne couldn’t help glancing at Colby. She didn’t look angry; instead it seemed like an expression of sad acceptance to Suzanne.
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“Do not make the mistake of patronizing me, Mr. Digby. I am not an educated woman in the authoritative sense, but I recognize enough to read books, and I understand the signs of a harsh winter approaching.”

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“I’m base, Cal hired me,” Dr. Jensen said.
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“Wow, we’re here already?” Claire asked in surprise.

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She came to the conclusion that she didn’t care. They didn’t know her circumstances so their opinions didn’t matter. A nose congregation was inevitable. She was an adult and she wouldn’t sidle around as if she wasn’t.
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