“But solely once today,” Blaine pointed out with a pout.

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“Don’t worry about it.”
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I closed my mouth back on her neck and she twisted in the ass so she was almost on my lap. I twisted her nipples again and she argument her ass into my lap, where all of a sudden there was an eight inch pipe sticking up. She felt it and pushed back on it inasmuch as a minute until she spoke.
“I use first period in spite of planning, what do you have?”
There was a crushed marble driveway curving from the front gate to a three wheels garage which featured arched doorways. The driveway also curved around a columned verandah near the front door. The front garden featured a substantial array of concrete statues and fountains which consisted of mainly such things as cherubs urinating into decorative fishponds. Jenny’s father was a concreting contractor who had made enough paper money during the building booms of the late sixties and early seventies to retire from the physical side of the selling and supervise the members of his large family as they continued that convention that he had started, one of laborious work, long hours and fierce loyalty to the family.
Clara looked at her through rend filled eyes. It was a new thought.
He held me close while I floated back down to earth, murmuring endearments, whispering praise before drawing me back under the spray, allowing the water to precipitation over us both, washing all traces of soap away. And then I was turning, sinking to my knees, almost overwhelmed near the desire to return the pleasure he’d so selflessly afforded me.
The next phone call did nothing to improve his outlook on life. It came on the official open line from Langley, Virginia. The caller was wanting to talk to either BillyBob or Dwight.
What did he say? What did she wish for to eat? She’d fallen down the rabbit joint.
“What’s he doing here?” she asked, being lovingly formal while not caring one whit what the hoary lawyer was doing anywhere; her only interests were her lover, their future flair together and when they would baby leman again. He had ignited a passion in her soul and whenever they touched, it only burned hotter.
“Don’t worry about it.”
“But solely once today,” Blaine pointed out with a pout.


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